A Blessing for the Tennis Player

This is the story of Aurèle, a tennis champion and tennis lover.

When he was two years old, he saw a 17 inch tennis racket, picked it up and put it down only a few minutes a day.

Since then, his goal has been to become number one in tennis.

He started training at the age of two and a half and since then he has worked consistently and with excessive passion for this goal.

Ups and downs , victories and defeats, he goes through everything and holds onto his goal with love and passion.

Two years ago, he met Rafael Nadal at Rafa’s Academy in Mallorca.

Since then he has loved and adored Rafa and emulated him in every situation. Rafa is his great role model and Aurèle wants to become number one more like.

Aurèle is a German child, but no one in Germany recognized his talent.

Because he was smaller than other boys of his age, he was not included in the German support team.

Bad for Germany!

Now he is promoted in Italy and will eventually play the German players on the wall.

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