Emmit Fenn – Who Dat • OzClubbers

Over the past few years, the Berkeley raised, LA based producer has showcased his versatility and vulnerability in his sound. The singer, songwriter and producer produced ‘bitches broken hearts’ for & ‘Untold’ for yet has also delivered an array of beautiful sounds for his own project.

Having amassed over 100 million Spotify streams alone, Emmit’s new music video that he released near his birthday, is a must watch.

“I was in a couple of months ago for work and one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to just walk around aimlessly. I love in that way. At one point, I was playing super groovy old house music for some reason and while I was listening I saw this pigeon just walking to the beat of the song. I had never seen something so confident before. Honestly, I think in the moment I just really wanted to be that pigeon.

I went back to where I was staying that night, pulled out my laptop, and made a song about the pigeon. It must of taken me no longer than 30 minutes. I think a lot of people think my music is about relationships or these really emotional experiences but in reality, they’re usually about things like seeing a pigeon across the street and getting jealous of its confidence. I thought the only way to truly show people what the song was about was literally showing them what the song was about. So that’s what we did.

For the animation, I reached out to my friend Patrick Jean who is an absolutely insane animator, every time I have the opportunity to work with him he blows me away. I pitched him the idea not thinking he would do something so ridiculous and without hesitation, he was fully on board. I think it was just an opportunity for both of us to create something purely for the fun of it. It ended up becoming a super collaborative project as well because I was he was animated, the pigeon would do things that we wanted to be emphasized so I would end up changing the song to fit it. I’m still absolutely blown away by how it turned out.”

With his debut album, just around the corner in 2021, stay tuned!



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