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the is the four-track EP Krischvn. An producer with plenty of stellar releases under his belt, he takes this project to Liquid Stranger’s – and innocently explains: “You know what’s crazy? When I titled it ‘Baked’ I had no idea that Americans used this term as getting high. I first imagined baking something in an oven, or like when your brain is just so fried from life. 

Aside from the punchy original (which naturally comes first), you can find the slower burning “Second Baked,” crisply percussive “Over Baked” and the rhythmically charged “Stop Getting Baked.” concludes:

The final product is 4 ‘Baked’s which each have 4 drops. I found a happy medium in finalizing each track and am so happy to finally give this the light of day. There are still 3 other completed versions that I have that may never see the light of day. Well it’s 2020 now, so let’s get Baked.”

Ready to hear it? Stream this one below.

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