PEADO PROTECTERS: Far-left Activists Marches AGAINST Anti-Nonce Campaigners

DURING the recent anti-paedophile #MarchForInnocence in Ireland, far-left Antifa activists clashed with the protest, leading to violence.

At a March For Innocence event in Dublin, Ireland in protest of the country’s Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman standing with LGBT activist Peter Tatchell, Antifa protestors showed up, leading to violent clashes involved. Tatchell is a controversial figure, due to his comments on paedophilia, both in the 1980 book The Betrayal of Youth and in newspapers, like The Guardian in 1997 and the Irish Independent in 2008.

At the protest, whereby the march had called for O’Gorman to resign over the picture, the police there had reported that while clashes had took place, they only intervened in ‘one incident’, whereby no ‘injuries or arrests’ were made, all the while ‘all persons present later dispersed without further incident’. They also complained about how due to the coronavirus crisis, that people shouldn’t gather in public events, regardless of their political views.

The Antifa group that were there attacked those on the March For Innocence, leading to occasional scuffles.  There had been previous controversy surrounding pro-paedophilia sentiments in Antifa, mainly with them holding a poster endorsing it at an event by conservative commentator Mike Cernovich, but it’s been disputed that this was genuine as some have accused right-wing activists of planting the poster there.

In response to the initial controversy, O’Gorman took to Twitter to clear the air. He admitted that his photo with Tatchell – which took place at a Pride event two years ago – was the ‘only time’ they met, and that while his ‘quotes from the 90s’ had ‘surprised him’ and were ‘abhorrent’, Tatchell had ‘clarified and explained that what is being alleged isn’t his view’. He also blamed ‘homophobia’ and ‘anonymous, far-right Twitter accounts’ for the initial controversy.

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