Popular Actor Ashiesh Roy suffers a paralytic stroke; seeks urgent financial help; “I don’t have money. I had Rs 2 lakh which I gave to the hospital”

Well known TV and
Bollywood actor Ashiesh Roy
suffered a paralytic stroke and is right now admitted
to the ICU of CritiCare Hospital in Mumbai. Roy, who rose to acclaim with shows
like ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ took to his social media to look for budgetary help for
his treatment. The 53-year-old suffered the stroke for the second time with his
right arm and right leg unstable to a certain extent. The ingenious performing
artist took to his social media account to share the news of his
hospitalization with his fans. He wrote on Facebook, “I am in the ICU,
very ill. Need urgent money for dialysis.”

In a shocking piece of news, senior actor Ashiesh Roy has
been hospitalized and is in a serious condition. Being a part of the
entertainment industry for the past two decades, he is known for his roles in
popular shows like Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Sasural Simar Ka, Mere Angne
Mein, Baa Bahu Aur Baby, Bymokesh Bakshi, and others.

Ashiesh’s co-stars Jyotsna Chandola and Vinta Nanda
expressed their concern and offered help. Fans also went on to ask for the
actor’s address so they can chip in as well. Actress Tina Ghai revealed to an
entertainment portal that Roy was found by his driver on Tuesday morning. He is
currently on a ventilator, but is talking and is aware of his current
situation. Ashiesh had suffered a paralytic stroke, due to which he gradually
stopped getting work. The actor had revealed that he was managing his expenses
through his earnings and deposits. 

Ashiesh said, “I am stuck here in the hospital since my birthday (May 18). Currently, there is COVID-19 situation all around and I am isolated in a room in the hospital. I am in a terrible condition,” He added, “I don’t have money. I had Rs 2 lakh which I gave to the hospital because, within two days, the bill that was given to me amounted to that much. Right now, I don’t have a single penny. Because of the pandemic, I am kept in a special ward which is costly. There are medicines, injections which are costly.”

The entertainment industry has suffered an enormous mishap due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many artists and technicians are jobless and looking for budgetary help to outlive within the coming days. TV actor Manmeet Grewal who appeared in the comedy show “Aadat Se Majboor”committed suicide recently at his residence in Mumbai. He was 32. Manmeet’s wife found him hanging by a dupatta (scarf) in the bedroom from a ceiling fan. She tried saving him but did not get any help from neighbours who feared the actor may have contracted the coronavirus, according to a Mid-Day report. Manmeet was declared dead on arrival at a nearby hospital.

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The actor was facing a financial crisis and was in debt. According to police sources, Manmeet did not have “money to pay Rs 8500 as rent”, the Mid-Day report added. The Khargar police have filed an Accidental Death Report (ADR) in connection with the incident.

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