Recruits are Hiring Candidates Online amid Coronavirus Lockdown

With travel and office commutes disturbed, companies are
presently onboarding candidates virtually. New enlists total their joining
conventions online, at that point get presented to their detailing supervisor
and colleagues through video calls. Recruits are cheerful around landing a work
in these times, but there are a couple of issues – a few are missing the office
environment whereas others haven’t gotten their official laptops to work,
restricting their capacity to work.

To begin the first day on the work at Accenture last month, Danielle Mizrachi planned to walk to the counseling firm’s workplaces close to New York’s Fantastic Central Terminal wearing the work dress she bought after tolerating their offer back in November. Ms. Mizrachi, a 26-year-old software engineer, found herself at her grandmother’s house in Stamford, Conn. Awaiting delivery of her company’s laptop and attending weeks of virtual introduction. John Reid Sidebotham, Executive Vice President at The Nautical Group felt, “How companies are handling the temporary “new” normal for hiring and on-boarding – interesting examples of the challenges and opportunities for both firms and top candidates.”

While George P., Vice President Information Technology at Whitney, Bradley & Brown (WBB) stated, “As hiring and work move online, some new employees have never met anyone from their new company in person. Will be interesting to see if this trend continues.  From what I have seen it is being done very successfully.

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Gurugram-based Arpit Saxena, who was working with a Fortune 500 pharma company for a number of months, had to return from the Netherlands a few months back as the organization realized he wasn’t right for the role.  Interestingly he got the same role after he was laid off by the same organization in mid-2018. He said “When I was returned, I saw the same role in India from which I was laid off earlier. I applied for it again and was selected. I was about to get an offer finally but unfortunately, the position went on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, leaving me nowhere,”

The COVID-19 episode proceeds to be a basic concern for businesses universally. Whereas a few companies are giving out pink slips, a few are respecting the offer letters they issued and adjusting rapidly to onboarding a modern worker and guaranteeing they feel welcome, get associated with their group individuals and understand the work culture.

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