The Wonder of Childosophy

Where do you see the future of childosophy going?

I have big visions for Childosophy. This year I am focusing on developing programs to go into schools where parents, teachers and students learn together. Like a parenting class done through the child. We still refer to education and those institutions to raise children.

Do you do inner child work?

It’s sort of embedded in the work, returning to your “inner child” constantly. I don’t see conceptually (inner work ). For me, Little Maxine is there all of the time. She is not an inner child she is within me. I am her. We are integrated. Inner child work is so important, we have to make peace with aspects of our childhood that we have not.

Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good. That inner child is going to demand things! There are times we think really practically, and we think OMG stop acting like a 3 year old!  It’s important to ask -Why am I responding like this? Who’s the child? Knowing your inner child is going to resurface if it hasn’t been healed is a powerful tool for self realization and understanding. .

I facilitate the space for people to access their inner child through self awareness via the indicators of their children’s behaviours or what they are struggling with.

You don’t even have to have a child, because we have all been children. Awareness is generally the healing. When we have the confidence to say that this pattern of you feeling victimised in life is not going to go away until you heal it and because it’s coming up in your son whom you love more than anyone in the whole world, your heart is open to working on it.

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